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  1. Permit for collecting, transporting and recycling waste

  2. Amount of waste accumulated in a year

Our company has permits to conduct business activity within collecting, transporting and recycling the following waste:

  • photographic film and paper which do not contain silver-films removed from cinema circulation (WASTE CODE: 09 01 08)

  • waste from pressing and smoothing plastics – waste from manufacturing CDs/DVDs (WASTE CODE: 12 01 05)

  • plastic packaging – polypropylene CD and DVD packaging (WASTE CODE: 15 01 02)

  • magnetic and optical data carriers – CDs and DVDs (WASTE CODE: 16 80 01)

  • paper and card board (WASTE CODE: 19 12 01)

  • plastic waste (WASTE CODE: 19 12 04)

  • iron and steel (579b0f)