Slam provides specialized Waste Management Services which comprises of, but is not limited to buying plastics, waste paper, and packaging material and offers comprehensive service within this scope of business. Extensive experience combined with state of the art equipment result in a high quality of services resulting in a constantly growing number of satisfied customers.

 SLAM can advice businesses on the best way to tackle their waste problem and direct them on to an efficient recycling route, once their needs and obligations have been assessed by one of our waste management team. We can work with businesses to ensure a practical and successful recycling service. All contracts are treated individually, confidentially and a professional solution is supplied to customers irrespective of size. Once assessed, SLAM also expertises in analyzing and providing customers with equipment such as, but not limited to balers, granulators, stand alone trailers, stillages, jumbo bags e.t.c.

All collected waste is subject to segregation and/or granulation processes to recover the waste material in order to make it suitable for the next stage of the recycling process.


  • 30 TONS of daily grinding capacity

  • 10,000 pallet storage spaces allocated to customers’ needs only

  • 500,000 unit daily packing capacity

  • 200 hand pack staff operating 24 hours a day

  • 350,000 units daily shrink wrapping and over wrapping capacity

  • DVD auto lines

  • We recycle Polycarbonate regrind, Polypropylene, G.P.S., Cardboard, Paper, LDPE, PET, HDPE materials

  • Slam transport and logistics

  • A fleet of 44,000 KG articulated vehicles to 3,500 KG vans

  • Nationwide transport

  • General Haulage

  • FACT accredited

  • 24 HR On site security

  • Red care monitored alarm system

  • Environmental Agency Registered and Compliant

  • Approved WEEE storage facility

  • Health and Safety Compliant.



  1. Segregating waste:

  • photographic film and paper which do not contain silver (WASTE CODE: 09 01 08)

  • waste from pressing and smoothing plastics (WASTE CODE: 12 01 05)

  • plastic packaging – polypropylene CD and DVD packaging (WASTE CODE: 15 01 02)

  • magnetic and optical data carriers – CDs and DVDs (WASTE CODE: 16 80 01)

  • paper and card board (WASTE CODE: 19 12 01)

  • plastic waste (WASTE CODE: 19 12 04)

  • iron and steel (WASTE CODE: 17 04 05)

  1. Granulation – processing waste to obtain recycled raw material.

  1. Packing and baling.

  1. Transporting the recycled raw material to specialized customers.


The company’s offer includes comprehensive and professional services within packing and repacking finished products such as:

  • packing products into packaging provided by customers or offered by us

  • adding samples or free items to other products

  • creating multipacks from various products

  • packing and repacking products into retail packs, sets, promo sets, co-packing

  • labeling and marking products

Storing and production facilities are equipped with all indispensable assembly lines: manual packing lines, fully automated disc packing lines, fully automated disc un-assembly lines, shrink wrapping and over wrapping lines, along with handling devices. Safety of goods stored at SLAM is an utmost priority and are protected by:

  1. anti-burglary

  2. fire protection system

  3. 24 hour security personnel patrols

  4. State of the art CCTV web monitoring systems

SLAM specializes in a wide variety of plastic regrinds and granulates. We use machines with modern technological and eco friendly solutions. Our Logistic management ensures constant and timely deliveries which constitutes as a great asset to our company.

Our company has an individual approach to every single customer and is developing and improving its facilities to satisfy clients, at all times.